Become the 2017 EASYGLIDER Champion!

The online competition


The EASYGLIDER Competition is carried out online using the free MULTIflight simulator. You can practise and even take part in the online contest in this way. A current online ranking list will be available.
The top three flyers will also be invited to take part in the Grand Finals in Germany. Register using your permanent e-mail address, so that we can invite the best to the Grand Finals in Germany.
The online participants will then enter the Finals with a real EASYGLIDER model, flying against the other qualifiers.


This is where you can download the free MULTIflight software, so that you can get started in the EASYGLIDER Competition!

Download …




The MULTIflight simulator software can be controlled by anyone using a PC keyboard.
Arrow keys: up, down, left and right; motor on: w, motor off s.

For a convenient method of getting started we recommend the
 MULTIflight PLUS set (#1 5305).
Most standard commercial RC system transmitters can be used provided that you own a suitable PC interface.
All MULTIPLEX M-LINK transmitters can control the simulator wirelessly using the
MULTIflight stick (# 85147).


We hope you thoroughly enjoy the experience!

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