Tasks: precision time, spot landing.


Precision time (maximum 30 seconds climb, gliding time of exactly 90 seconds), followed by spot landing.
For the online competition using the MULTIFlight simulator the gliding time is 45 seconds.

Method of calculating the flight score:

Maximum points count: 50 [distance] plus 50 [time] = 100 points


                  50 - x  [each 1 cm distance from landing spot   = 1 point deduction]

                  50 - x  [each 0.1 second of excess time               = 1 point deduction]

The gliding time ends when the model comes to a halt.
The spot landing is measured from the fuselage tip (spinner) to the target spot.


A flight is invalid if:

  • The motor is not switched off when the maximum climb period has elapsed.
  • The motor is re-started after the climb period.
  • The model comes to a halt on the ground before the stipulated gliding time has elapsed.
  • The model assumes an angle of more than 40° after its initial ground contact. (online Competition)
  • The model flies into the prohibited zone of the model flying site.
  • The model is dangerously close when flying past persons or obstacles.
  • The pilot flies towards himself and stops the model.

Carrying out the EASYGLIDER Competition

The registered participants carry out one to three practice flights. After this each pilot flies three or five official rounds. If three rounds are flown, one flight is discarded. If five rounds are flown, two are discarded. In either case the worst flights are discarded. The number of rounds flown is determined by the number of participants.

The entrant with the highest number of points is the winner on the day, and will be invited to take part in the MULTIPLEX Final of the EASYGLIDER Competition. If the winner on the day is unable to take part in the Final, the next available entrant will be invited.

When and where the EASYGLIDER Competition will be held can be found under Dates